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Functional Interior Design Austin Homeowners Are Falling in Love With

Michelle Thomas Design is an award-winning and full-service interior design firm located in Austin, Texas. Specializing in residential Austin interior design, we take on projects for both new constructions and remodels! Just like the people inhabiting them, each building is unique.  From the architectural features to the way the light pours in from the windows, our team of designers will work to bring out the best features your space has to offer.

Michelle Thomas Design knows what goes in to bringing a classic design to life, one that never goes out of style and helps your home put its best foot forward for years to come. When you choose Michelle Thomas Design, we’ll reveal the potential in your space and create an inviting atmosphere that feels elegant and livable. We take great pride in our interior design, ensuring each home ends up with a look that is classic yet unique as the person dwelling inside!

Classic Interior Design Austin Homeowners Are Falling in Love With

Not only does Michelle Thomas Design create one-of-a-kind designs, we dream up styles that are luxurious, timeless, and above all: functional. Our goal is to reflect your taste with designs that highlight the architecture of the home and improve your lifestyle. From kitchens remodels to interior designs for your living room, there’s no part of your home that won’t benefit from a makeover from Michelle Thomas Design. Get a timeless style from one of the top interior decorator Austin has to offer. It’s about more than changing your home: it’s about getting a whole new perspective!

A living room reaps the benefits of the interior design Austin homeowners have fallen in love with.

Our Interior Decorating Difference

From the moment you reach out to Michelle Thomas Design, you’ll know that we are different. Michelle and her team turn interior design into a personal experience!  We consider the existing structure of your building, any renovations you have planned, and the intended purpose of the space before beginning the interior design process. Michelle Thomas Design creates timeless designs that grow with you and can be easily adapted as your lifestyle changes through the years; effortless design, reinvented!


Austin interior designers from Michelle Thomas Design make a living room cozy and stylish.

Michelle Thomas Design Values

Michelle Thomas Design takes inspiration from modern architecture and its approach to simplicity. We offer timeless interiors with clean lines and just a hint of luxury. We pay special attention to the little details that make your space so unique. This combination creates inviting environments that are just as functional as they are visually appealing. We understand that the tiniest touches really do make the biggest differences. Michelle Thomas Design believes that one hint of extravagance can transform a space from “beautiful” to “astonishing.”


Interior design in an Austin kitchen ties the whole room together.

Our Interior Design Mission

Our philosophy drives us to create comfortable, functional design that is just as inviting as it is beautiful. We deliver personalized interior design services that focuses on you and your vision for the space. Our design team will home in on your ideas to create a unique design based on your preferences and lifestyle. Your home is an extension of yourself! It should be as unique as you. We use incorporate these founding principles into our interior design for every single home. This how we create a beautiful space that can be enjoyed day after day. Our mission is your complete satisfaction!


If you’re ready to come to a home at the end of every day to a balanced, functional space that rejuvenates your soul, turn to Michelle Thomas Design. We’ll help bring your vision to life and won’t stop until you’re 100% satisfied. You deserve the most out of your home.

Contact Michelle Thomas Design today to get started creating a gorgeous look you’ll love that will last for years to come.

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